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Default Re: We want nvidia linux powerpc drivers !!

Originally Posted by crying
Sure it is easy, maybe with only compile the source code using a powerpc is enough
I'm doing a lot of linux kernel porting for embedded PPC devices. Unfortnuatly,
drivers that have never been tested on big-endian platforms usualy make
troubles because the developers didn't took the endianess conversion into
account. Sorting out this issue can take quite some time and depends on
the complexity of the driver: nvidia.ko is bigger than the kernel image ... not
even mentioning libGL, libglx and nvidia_drv.o.

Although i would realy like to see PPC drivers, i can very well understand that
nvidia decided that it's not worth the effort to do a port on their side,
especially in case if the majority of ppl would like to operate their G3/G4
Macs which integrates "old" nvidia hardware.

I also very well understand that nvidia doesn't release specifications of their
latest chips because they fear that their competitors could reverse engineer their
genius recent implementation . So an alternative would be to release specs of GF4
and maybe an old GF4 linux driver source code tree (1.0-3xxx?) - this would
at least make half of the PPC linux users happy.

But i guess this is not an option for nvidia: I think, non of the video
card makes is releasing the specs of their products, because they fear that
the competitors could find out that there are (mutual) patent infringements.

So unless ATI, nvidia, Matrox, intel, etc. agree on not getting after each
other for patent infrigements that are older than 3 years (or any of
the company is dying), there won't be any specs for old hardware.


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