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Default Linux, nVidia, and Plasma screens...

HI everybody,

This is what I'm trying to do...

I need to run graphics intensive OpenGL applications (namely SGI Performer) on my Linux box, and display them on my NEC PlasmaSync 50MP2 50" in widescreen, 16:9 aspect ratio. Currently I'm using a PixelPerfect graphics card in WindowsXP to do the 16:9 ratio, but I don't think this card is going to be able to handle my 3D acceleration needs. Plus I emailed PixelPerfect, and they said nVidia would be a better choice.

So now the issue is, which nVidia card? I'm not so worried about the Linux drivers, because I'm using a GeForce4 Ti 4200 in my other Linux machine with a regular CRT monitor, and it can handle the OpenGL programs no sweat. I'm more concerned with what kind of support I'll get for displaying on the PlasmaSync, especially at the 16:9 ratio. Would that kind of thing be covered by nView? I know with nView you can do things like have 2 monitors side by side, but I'm not sure about the widescreen. Also, would I need a card with DVI out? The NEC display has pretty much every input you can imagine (S-video, 15-pin analog, 29-pin DVI, etc...)

Sorry about the long post. Any help would be great!
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