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Default dual display on Geforce FX go5600 (using 1.0-7676)?

I am trying to configure dual monitors (TwinView) on my laptop equipped with an nVidia Go5600 mobile 128MB video card... I installed the nVidia drivers from YOU (I am using SuSE 9.3) and they were successful (version 1.0-7167 i believe)... and running Sax2, i tried enabling TwinView, but nothing... Both monitors (the laptop LCD and the CRT) seem to be detected, because my CRT is cloning my desktop right now, but I cannot seem to define it as a 2nd monitor to adjust it's independant resolution, or to adjust the MultiHead settings...

Then I found out about the nvidia-settings command from the terminal... which is a nice graphical interface for adjusting the video card settings like in the windows driver... but it's very lacking, without configuration for TwinView yet... So I thought maybe the new 1.0-7676 drivers might have that support... but I'd have to install them manually... So I did..

Now I am running the latest linux nvidia drivers, and still stuck as to how I can enable/adjust TwinView to actually get some use out of my 2nd monitor... because right now all it does is clone my laptop LCD...

Any help/suggestions/experiences would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance,
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