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Default Re: We want nvidia linux powerpc drivers !!

Originally Posted by arokh
You're being silly here. Nvidia makes good drivers, why can't ati?

If you have excellent drivers, why would you care if the specs are out or not.
Because many of us aren't satisfied with the inherent limitations of a binary-only driver. Only recently NVIDIA abandoned their older hardware and have yet to provide the "legacy" package they promised. If the sources for the "fundamentals" of their older video card cores were made available, we could have 3D acceleration on cards NVIDIA no longer sell.

The argument that "proprietary is okay if it's good proprietary" is bull****. People want to able to use hardware they paid for in any way they like. Since NVIDIA's IP considerations are moot for ancient hardware, why not release the specs/driver sources?

People with older cards will be abandoned otherwise. It's the same crappy MS upgrade cycle all over again.
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