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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Originally Posted by Sazar
I can see it in my "coming soon" games list and I have CE.

I am assuming this means we are supposed to get DOD:S when it drops.
It's in mine too, and I own the bare minimal package. The "coming soon" section is more or less mostly an advertisement section of your steam games list (the "now available" section is purely for advertisement.) Remember when HL2 was about a year or so away from release, it was in the "coming soon" list for some time, even if you haven't even purchased the game.

EDIT: Kinda funny how they are reacting to this on the steam forums:

Basically it seems that the oppinion of most people on the steam forums is that if you bought the CE, you were stupid for buying it and you didn't pay for DoD:S. Got to love fanboyism.
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