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Default Re: Kernel oops on SMP dual AMD64 in nvidia module

Originally Posted by chunkey
Still no progress on this? It is a real shame that nvidia keeps this source closed so it can't be maintained to the standards of the rest of the drivers which generally work great. If I can't find a good solution for this in the next week I will have to return my nvidia hardware for something else before the 30 day exchange policy from my local computer shop runs out. Right now I have to run the thing on only one cpu to avoid lockups which is a real waste of money.

The ethernet chipset on this motherboard is also nvidia and I just came back from a 5 day trip to find the ethernet port on this box completely dead. Not even a reboot would fix it. I was about to take it back to the shop for a mobo replacement when I decided I had better completely power cycle it just to be sure. It came back up and the ethernet port worked again. The reliability is going to have to improve greatly before I can actually put this thing into production.
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