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Arrow Re: Solaris10 x86 using VMWare?

Originally Posted by etlpkby
Am I trying something impossible here?
Unfortunately, yes, you are trying something that is impossible under Workstation 5.0.

The virtual machine's guest OS CANNOT recognize host's hardware, including your NVIDIA video card. The guest OS sees only the VMware SVGA virtual/emulated graphics card. Because of this, only the VMware video drivers (included in VMware Tools) are relevant to the guest OS.

Originally Posted by etlpkby
You cannot install vmware tools via the VM->Install VMware Tools... menu. It won't let you on "guest operating" systems - only works for Microsoft installs
Actually this is not the case.

When you select "Install VMware Tools" from a menu in the Workstation/GSX/Remote console, in every guest OS a CDROM image is mounted with VMware Tools available. When a guest OS has no autorun, then you must launch the VMware Tools installer manually.
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