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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

I understand the disappointment of CE owners.. but a few things:

1) valve hates vivendi. they arent going to add more to retail packages than they needed to by contract. they wanted to lure people to use steam so vivendi would make less -- hence getting DOD with the silver/gold packages.

2) it was no secret what games were included with each version. those of us who knew we wanted DOD for SURE included with our purchase went silver or gold.

3) you can still buy DOD:S as an upgrade to your current account (the price seems reasonable) or you can buy the more expenseive CS/DOD retail pack.

i think at this point a lot of people are mad because valve "gives away" a lot of stuff with their games that people expect DOD:S to be free. well unfortunately not this time... :-\
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