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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Originally Posted by ST:DS9
Thats the problem, you assumed. Did you look at the box, did it mention DOD:S? Where as the Gold and Silver packages specifically said DOD:S. There was information about the packages and what they were going to contian. I knew since the day they annouced the packages that DOD:S was not going to be part of the Bronze or the retail packages.
I think what would have been on the minds of the CE buyers is that they won't advertise something on a retail box that isn't out yet due to the HL2 in the ATI box fiasco. I think most of them were also under the impression that their package was roughly equivalent to the silver edition.

Either way that is pretty ****ed up of valve to tell them that if they paid $30 less, they could have gotten more. It's a bit like how valve totally ****ed over the cybercafe owners just because they felt like being greedy assholes.
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