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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Originally Posted by ST:DS9
Thats the problem, you assumed. Did you look at the box, did it mention DOD:S? Where as the Gold and Silver packages specifically said DOD:S. There was information about the packages and what they were going to contian. I knew since the day they annouced the packages that DOD:S was not going to be part of the Bronze or the retail packages.
They also said nothing about HL2DM or Lost Coast, should we be forced to pay extra for those as well since they aren't mentioned on the box (actually maybe I should keep my mouth, I wouldn't put it above Valve to do that)? The CE cost $30 more than the retail/bronze (lets say 1/3rd of which actually went to Valve, which would be $10, the same cost difference between the Bronze and Silver), and as far as content goes was pretty much the same as the Silver but without the back catalog. Since Vivendi didn't have any deal with DoD:S, they couldn't even have MENTIONED DoD:S being included with the game, since Activision was in charge of the retail distribution of it (and I've never seen a game box advertise a game that would be added later). There is, quite simply, no reason DoD:S SHOULDN'T be availible to CE owners, although I guess we do have ourselves to blame since we should've expected Valve to be the greedy bastards that they are.

But frankly, the issue is more with Valve's increadibly idiotic refusal to even let you UPGRADE a package to a better pack. How about letting retail and Bronze owners upgrade to the silver for an extra $10 more? Because right now, their stance seems to be "hey, did you buy the bronze or retail package? Too bad, you're ****ed".
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