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Default Beeping Sounds

Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I need help on beeping sounds after i installed a new Aopen FX5500 VGA. Everything runs find actually but just this beeping sound when i play 3D games, it just beeps at random.

But on 2D applications or games and leaving it idle it doen't beeps.

These are the steps that i've tried,
1) Re-inserted to VGA card
2) change to various driver from installation disc and web updates
3) In bios:
- changed the voltage from 1.5V, 1.6V to 1.7 V
- changed VGA aperture from 64MB to 256
- changed graphic frequencies
4) Attached new casing fans in fear of over heating
5) Check all fans on VGA, PSU, P4 is running
6) Left the casing opened

The beeping sound is still there when i play 3D games (Homeworld2, GC2, IL2 Sturmovik etc.)

My PC specs,
P4 2.0Ghz
Aopen FX 5500
Asus socket 478 AGP4 mobo
400Watt ATX PSU
512 Ram

I've re-inserted my previous MX440 and there 's no beeping sound!

So should i go and get a new more reliable PSU?


The bios heat setting for the Vid card needs to be increase, which i can't find it in bios and don't know how?

Any help or comments is appreciated 'cause my 1 week warranty for replacing a faulty vid card expires in 2 days.

Thanks in advance.
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