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Default Re: We want nvidia linux powerpc drivers !!

For once I agree with Martin, there's no good technical reason to withhold specifications on hardware that it either not inventive or complex (SATA, GbE implementations), rooted in specifications anyway, or on hardware that is now obsolete.

By doing so, they are just trying to control their consumer's ability to continue to use the hardware in whatever way they wish (and for as long as they like). Remember that although some people will claim we're being "unfair" asking NVIDIA to "spend money and developer resources" on writing drivers or specifications, bare in mind that we're still paying the $150 for the cards and we expect to be able to use them on any moderately common hardware/software combination. I'd prefer specifications to drivers. I know open drivers would suit Linux better. Everybody does.

As far as I am aware, most companies concerned about IP but which respect their customers' right to use hardware without officially supported drivers have come to a happy medium -- anything "intellectual" in the design of their hardware is obfuscated/wrapped with a firmware that exists either in an EEPROM or which can be loaded into memory every time the device is started. Such firmware is obfuscated to prevent reverse engineering, but is not necessarily architecture specific (making open, portable drivers more feasible). If Intel can do it with Centrino, I can see no reason why video card vendors couldn't do it with graphics hardware.

Then you just release specs regarding a subset of the hardware's modes and registers, and we can forget about driver optimisations (which somebody will eventually reinvent).

(This is, of course, all a pipe dream, but it's probably rooted in logic and I maintain that it's always better to be vocal on a subject so that the company might some day listen, instead of expecting them to Just Know).
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