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Question 2 Questions, OpenGL and UT2003

Firstly, I have installed the Nvidia drivers version 4191 sucseffully. I play Quake III and my FPS rarely drops below 90. Even the Tux game packaged with Red Hate 8 works nice! ;-)

Anyways, When i goto the display settings the Hardware Acceleration is greyed out. When I compiled up Wine, it tells me that OpenGL isn't available. This confuses me, because I could've SWORN the Quake 3 and TuxRacer use OpenGL. In fact, I KNOW they do because I tried to play TuxRacer with the standard Red Hat Drivers (nv ones, not nvidia) and it ran at less than 1fps. Has anyone had this problem and, more importantly, does anyone know a fix?!

Secondly, how do you play UT2003 in Linux? I have a windows version - but not one I bought specifically for Linux. Is it like Quake 3 where you install a patch and dump a pak file or do you have to have a special version?

Anyways, Thanx for ANY help!

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