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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
There is nothing anywhere that would stop valve from giving DoD:S to the CE users for free via steam.

DoD:S is not a free mod being made in people's spare time, but an all out paid for project. Expecting it for free when you have people expecting a return on their investment is very unrealistic, and unfair towards them as well.

If Valve got less for Vivendi-published copies of HL2 than they did for their own packages, it is quite simply a case of Valve not being paid for DoD:S when it comes to Vivendi-published copies. If Valve gets 50$ of royalties out of the 60$ Vivendi copies, then that's 10$ less than they got out of their own 60$ silver packages. And since the difference between the bronze and the silver packages is 10$ (the price difference covering DoD:S), it stands to reason that those who bought Vivendi copies simply haven't paid for DoD:S.

And that's assuming that Valve did get 50$ royalties... a very conservative number if you ask me.
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