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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Originally Posted by Holy Smoke

DoD:S is not a free mod being made in people's spare time, but an all out paid for project. Expecting it for free when you have people expecting a return on their investment is very unrealistic, and unfair towards them as well.

If Valve got less for Vivendi-published copies of HL2 than they did for their own packages, it is quite simply a case of Valve not being paid for DoD:S when it comes to Vivendi-published copies. If Valve gets 50$ of royalties out of the 60$ Vivendi copies, then that's 10$ less than they got out of their own 60$ silver packages. And since the difference between the bronze and the silver packages is 10$ (the price difference covering DoD:S), it stands to reason that those who bought Vivendi copies simply haven't paid for DoD:S.

And that's assuming that Valve did get 50$ royalties... a very conservative number if you ask me.

Exactly, also DOD:S is not free for the Silver and Gold Packages. I paid for DOD:S as part of my package. If they gave it free to the retail owners, then Valve would be guilty of false advertising and Bait & Switch. DOD:S is not a free mod, never will be. Activision is the holder of distibuting DOD, and therefore Vivendi would have no right to distribute DOD:S for the retail package. Valve could get sued by Activison for giving DOD:S to retail owners for free. The only reason that DOD for HL1 was still free was because it was free to begin with, even though Activision was publishing it sometime later.

If they give you guys DOD:S for free, then I either want part of my money back, or I want something else of equivalent free, because I paid for DOD:S, the retail people did not pay for it. The retail people payed for what is stated on the package, profit for the store, profit for the middleman, profit for the publisher, the box, printed instructions, and the CDs/DVD.

I think the main problem is that people seem to think that DOD:S is just a mod, and not an actual product to be sold, just because DOD on HL1 was free. People should not assume that things will always stay the same. What was true for HL1, does not mean it would be true for HL2.
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