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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Originally Posted by ST:DS9
If they give you guys DOD:S for free, then I either want part of my money back, or I want something else of equivalent free, because I paid for DOD:S, the retail people did not pay for it. The retail people payed for what is stated on the package, profit for the store, profit for the middleman, profit for the publisher, the box, printed instructions, and the CDs/DVD.
Well then, Valve owes me $69.98 for the money I spent on Opposing Force and Blue Shift when those games were given to all Half-life owners for free over Steam. Also, you must be pretty damn pissed that retail owners have access to HL2DM and Lost Coast when they aren't mentioned at all on the back of the retail box. And I sure as hell hope that quick-guide card that comes with the retail version isn't considered "printed instructions" nowadays.
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