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Default Free the nvnet driver

There is an online petition asking nVidia to GPL the nvnet driver for linux. It can be found at

While it would of course be nice if their video drivers were GPL'd, those are really less of an issue because there are open source drivers that at least work with their video cards.

The nforce/nforce2 ethernet is a different story. To my knowledge, there are not any open source drivers that work with the integrated nic - only nvidia's driver (which uses a closed source object file to build the kernel driver).

This is an issue because distro's like Red Hat and Debian will not include closed source kernel drivers, which causes an install usability issue with nforce2 boards.

The Open Source community provided the IDE controller that the nforce2 uses (2.4.21pre4 has it - really speeds up hd access on a nforce2 board), Open Source provided the audio driver, is working on both FireWire and SMBus drivers. It would be nice for nVidia to give back by GPL'ing the nvnet driver.

So please, sign the petition!
At minimal, it will let nVidia know how we feel.
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