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Question problem: NVidia driver in console

I recently got a Dell Inspiron Celeron 1.6 Laptop w/ an NVidia GForce2 (go). I'm running a standard Redhat 7.2 distribution w/ XFree86 4.1 . Ofcourse, the bundled nvidia driver didn't work, so I was using the bundled vesa driver until I got Nvidia's latest driver working fine with X, currently 1024x768 24 bit mode. The problem I have is that after closing down X, and going to the console (ie. during shutdown) the laptop display flickers real bad - like the Hsync Vsync is out of sync. If I startx again, say using the vesa driver, and shut down X, the console looks fine.

After running and shutting down X, how do I change the display parameters for console mode? I believe its using the default 80x25 display. I'm not sure what driver the system is using when it shuts down X, because `lsmod nvidia` lists the nvidia module as unused and I can do `rmmod nvidia`without problem at that point. Except that the console display is still hosed.

Any help would be very appreciated!
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