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Originally Posted by Alanlim
Hi Punisher,

Well like you said the old PSU was probably dying and the new GPU was drawing it's power.

Anyway i notice on your signature that you have an agp 4X mobo and uses the 5900. I'd like to know how much graphic power do you loose as compare to a agp 8X mobo.

I too have agp 4X mobo but my 5500 has the capacity of 8X, how much am i loosing out on praphic out put? Thanks.
The 4x AGP slows ur performance only if a game changes the graphic data that it loads into the cards memory frequently. The wider ur AGP bandwidth, the faster it can change this data. So it depends on the game that u r playing, if a game is efficient at fully utilizing the cards memory then u'll not notice a big hit in performance during gameplay coz there ain't much traffic going thru the AGP bus. So if a card the has lots of memory then chances r u'll do just fine with a 4x AGP mobo coz the game is able to load more data into memory thus reducing the times the card's memory needs to be updated. But if the card's memory is 128MB or less then u might feel a stiff hit on performance as the game needs to update the card's memory more often than a card with more memory. I hope I'm not confusing u hehehe
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