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Default Re: GeForce Go 6600 freezes system when running OpenGL apps

Quetzyg, I left Doom 3 running in demo mode for a couple of hours today to see if it would crash, but it didn't. Not sure what's different (except I've got the 6800 card), but here's my setup for your info:

Kernel 2.6.13 vanilla (kernels before 2.6.12 gave me probs), KDE 3.4.2, using Debian Unstable, 7667 NVIDIA drivers with no modifications, wifi (IPW2200 drivers .. buggy but working), latest X11... only thing I've been doing I've only compiled into the kernel what I actually use and what's pluggable, and I minimized the number of modules made. I run old, stable versions of software whenever I can get away with it. I'll spend some time trying to fry the thing with more 3D apps next chance I get.

Since I upgraded the kernel (the day it came out) I've not had any programs crash (except Synaptic but that's a known issue). But I have no doubt when there finally is suspend support in ACPI I'll be needing some more aspirin for a new lot of headaches .
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