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asg, sorry about the thread hijacking. This wine-specific stuff should probably be handled some other way, but I'm not sure on how...


Which config file are you talking about that says OpenGL is unavailable? ~/.wine/config? If so, what does it say? If not, which file is it and how was it generated (if you happen to know)?

If you compiled wine, and downloaded it through some method other than CVS (i.e. if you used tar xzf or similar to decompress it), then you are very likely not using WineX. WineX source is not available from Transgaming in any form other than CVS, so if you used tar xzf or similar, then you are either using winehq Wine, or you are using a copy of winex that someone else checked out of CVS and made into a tarball manually...

If you used the ./tools/wineinstall script to compile any version of Wine, then that script does pass --enable-opengl, but you have to be a really fast reader to see whether or not it works. The messages scroll by too quickly otherwise.
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