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Same here im suprised that i never see FFXI talked about here in the MMO section

ive been playing for about 6 months now(fariy server)and i really enjoy it,my main is a lvl45 BLM with various subs RDM being my main sub

Ive played a few other MMO's but i find the battle system in FFXI a little more tactical
and while its GUI/interface suffers from it being a console port the are ways around it with some cool and very helpful 3rdparty utilities to make it a little more PC savy (there against the TOS but if SE wont fix it someone has to)

GFX can some times look a little dated(90% of the water fx are ****ty)but i find that DV and image sharppening set to around the first of second mark really help bring a little more life to some of the textures

An unoffical stand alone Drawdistance mod utility was released a week or so ago to push back the limited clipping plain(a hold over from the limited power of the ps2 version)but its features where quickly added to a plugin for the FFXI windower and it totally rocks heres a before/after screen shot.



FFXI is about to hit the Xbox360 and theres talk of an update to textures/models but nothing concrete yet im really hopping for some post processing bloom or pixel shader water effect but im not holding my breath
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