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Default NVIDIA and console

Hi all,

Currently I had also the problem that after starting X there was no possibility to switch to a console. I have faced out that this seems to be a problem because I get always a message from the monitor that the frequencies HSync und VSync are out of limits.

Here is my configuration:

Computer DELL Dimension 4500
Linux Distribution: Debian Woody
Graphic card: GeForce4 MX 420

I downloaded the latest driver from the nvidia web site:


After installing (it requires the kernel-headers package) the X starts well but with the described problems to switch into console modus.

Later I remembered that I've got the stuff running under slackware. There I used an older version of the NVIDIA drivers. Fortunately I have made a backup. So I found the old drivers installed it and all works fine. Below you find the used driver version, which works fine in my configuration:


Try to use not the latest version. This can help. Maybe someone can post this information direct to NVidia (?!)

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