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Default Re: first display on twinview

Originally Posted by Intangir
there should be a setting for Video Overlay monitor also like on windows

on windows you can set video overlay to a specific screen, so whenever an application uses a video overlay, the specified screen shows it full screen, it rules for TV out cause i will start the movie and it plays full screen on my TV while i use my primary screen (CRT) for other junk, i can even play games while the TVout still plays videos

what stinks is i have not found any way to do this on linux
My solution has ended up just being two seperate X screens on the same X server. I just make sure to launch any app that needs to be on my tv as such.

I basically only use the TV for mythtv,mplayer,xine, and zsnes so I just added aliases to launch these apps with DISPLAY=localhost:0.1 instead in my bashrc.

My only desire now would be for gdm to have some support for multiple screens so I don't get stuck with grey flickering on my TV while I have my nice gdm theme on my LCD sitting at the gdm login screen.
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