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Post Oh, almost forgot...

There ARE things I don't like:

It runs a little less than stable on my system. If I enabled EAX, I would get various general protection faults, though I imagine those with Audigy cards will not. Unreal II didn't seem to like my Soundstorm very much though...

Also, load times. Even if you die on a level you've quicksaved on, it takes a goodly long time to reload...Like 10 to 20 seconds. That's just not cool, especially for folks like me who die a lot.

There were a very few texture artifacts but by and large I think they're issues with the map design and not the video card. I'll take a look see on my friend's Radeon and see if it happens there too.

One last thing - While it doesn't affect me per se, I really feel for those who buy this game with the minimum system requirements. My suggestion would be that you're pushing it even with the "recommended" system. This is definitely harder on my box than Morrowind ever thought of being.

Anyway, that's about it.

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