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Default Re: FFXI Anyone?

Originally Posted by omzig
I take it that you have'nt played many rpg's then either online or offline?

Getting your ass kicked by a worm in FFXI is no diffrent that getting your ass kicked by a Crab in EQII or a Rat in fallout or Icewind Dale and id have to agree with StoNer if you cant hack FFXI's starter mobs then i suggest you avoid pretty much any MMO's because in the many ive played i havent come across one in which wont get your ass kicked by some lowly looking mob

Hey StoNer my bud just started BST for a change of pace (his main is a lvl 42 WHM but he has many jobs around the 20/30 mark)as he was getting sick of partying with ****ty players,i think he has it at about lvl 20 atm and says its much fun but the dying sucks ,ive unlocked the job but have'nt lvl'ed it up yet after hearing both of you talk about it though i might give i ago very soon.
Call me boring but I generally don't like spending hours and hours just having to get a few levels when starting a game, I've played plenty rpg games and FF is so god damn boring to start out in. The crafting system was rediculous and the mobs gave very little experience as covered in the thread I posted a link to. I'll take WOW over that boring piece of crap anyday.
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