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Default Re: first display on twinview

Originally Posted by Intangir
sweet, thats what im doing now too
it works great so far!!

i can run mplayer movies full screen to the other display
X is awesome, if i understand correctly, i could assign a 2nd mouse and keyboard to the 2nd screen, not link them and have a 'media center' right there on my TV screen that would potentially be totally seperate from my other desktop?

can you start 2 instances of X using different resource?
I believe you will need to have two seperate instances of X to have a seperate mouse/keyboard. Each X Server can then have a single mouse assigned to it (not /dev/input/mice but what actually X uses for each of the mice). I'm not even sure if nvidia drivers support running two X servers on the same card. You may need a second card to do this.
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