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Default NVidia should STOP supporting Linux

I've been a Linux user for 13 years. I had always avoided nvidia graphics cards because of the binary only drivers. I finally broke down and decided to give the card a try. But my Linux computer uses a kernel with Xen compiled in, a virtualization technology that lets my one computer run a number of different instances of Linux (and soon, Windows once the next generation of Intel and AMD chips with Pacifica virtualization technology are available) which allows me to consolidate a bunch of different servers into one box and make much better use of the hardware. It's more like a mainframe with efficient resource sharing. And the nvidia binary drivers won't work under a Xen kernel. I found this out after a day of trying to get the nvidia drivers to compile a custom interface for my kernel. I talked to the Xen developers and they confirmed my worst fears: It's just not going to work. If these drivers were distributed with the rest of the kernel like everything else this would have been a piece of cake. I have just returned from the store where I returned my Nvidia card. I should have known better than to think binary kernel modules would work out. I wish nvidia would either just GPL the drivers (it's the hardware that makes them money anyway isn't it?) or stop supporting Linux altogether so people would stop wasting time trying to get this stuff working because unless you have anything other than the simplest of systems it's going to drive you nuts. I know I'll never give nvidia another try until the driver problem is properly fixed.
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