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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Jesus christ, does anyone actually READ my posts? I DON'T F***ING WANT DoD:S FOR FREE! I want to be able to UPGRADE my bronze-equivalent to silver for the difference in price THE SAME WAY ATI COUPON OWNERS COULD! Whenever the issue was brought up, everyone expected that you'd be able to upgrade to a higher package at the very least by DoD:S's release (and even in this thread, SEVERAL people thought that packages could be upgraded), and in the Steam games menu it even says "At present, only one HL2 offer may be purchased per Steam account". If they NEVER planned on offering this feature, why do they even say "at present"? The only reason they wouldn't offer the ability to upgrade offers is because they're greedy, self-centered bastards who screw over customers, not to mention other companies, to make more money. Period.
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