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Unhappy SuSe 8.0 Not very happy!

Hi Guys, I'm using a gf4 ti 4600, asus a7m266, tbird1.4. My problem is that no matter how I install the nvidia drivers, i encounter the same err msg. I've reinstalled linux 4 times, using gnome or kde, and used both YaST, and manual. At least I can be proud that both my linux and me are capable of being consistent?

Th error msg i see in XF86Config (not exact, cuz i'm in windoze) is something like
(EE) Failed to allocate dma push buffer

That's all the error says. No AGP error, no Screen error.

Also, my most recent time, I YaST'd the files in, and X booted just fine, it was when I edited the XF86Config file to read
Load "glx" and Driver "nvidia"

that things got screwy. I am positive the files are properly installed, rpm tells me so. Also, I misspelled nvidia -> nvdia, and the XF86Config said "Hey I can't find that." When spelled properly, it is found. Please someone, know what I'm talking about, I'm dying to see what havoc this card can wreak in linux...


PS, if this is totally not helpful, I'm sure there's a way I could get that XF86Config out of unhappy territory and into this board...
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