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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Originally Posted by Nutty
If the CE was overpriced, then why did you buy it ?

You cant compare the prices Valve offers over steam, to what Vivendi used in the retail package. Its 2 different companies with vastly different costs involved.
Honestly, I bought it because I was in Best Buy like 11/13 or something like that and the game was out on shelves early. I saw that it game with a DVD and the box made it seem like the entire strategy guide and/or "Raising the Bar" was inside, plus it was on DVD rather than CD and sharing an internet connection at home with 8 people meant downloading however many gigs over Steam was somewhat out of the question (it would've taken weeks). Plus, I had a reward zone coupon to get double points on my whole order, so me and three other guys I was with all picked up the CE, put them on one bill and used that coupon (so I got, when all was said and done, almost $700 worth of points because with everything that was bought, the bill was like $350).

I was so excited about it being out early I had to get it. As soon as i opened it though, i was not happy.
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