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Default Re: Day Of Defeat: Source this month, with HDR!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
The problem is valve didn't make that obvious. If they had, I think less people would have bought the collectors edition than actually did. I mean think about it, when you label something as a collectors edition and bundle all kinds of stuff with it, that kind of implies to the customer that they are buying an upper tier package that would have extra perks to go with it.

Valve wants to screw them over a little technicality? Fine, fair enough, but I think they lost a lot of customers over it.
Hmm, There were 3 Steam packages, and only 2 had DOD:S, included. There were Press releases from Valve about what was going to be in the Steam packages, and in the retail packages. The box did not say that DOD:S would be included with retail. Back catalog wasn't even on the box, nor were the merchandise the same between the Gold and the CE. How much more obvious can it get? The differences stuck out like a sore thumb. Truth is, this is all the customers fault for assuming something they should have never assumed, there was no documation that would lead people to believe they would get it with retail, but there was plenty of documentation about what packages would include DOD:S. Heck I didn't even follow HL2 development, and when someone one on a forum said that Valve annouced the Steam packages and the retail packages, I read those announcements and knew right away that DOD:S and back catalog did not come with retail packages. For the fact that back catalog did not come with retail, nor was it on the box, should have been the dead give away that the retail is not the same as the Steam download. Its not the fault of Valve or Vivendi that customers did not do any kind of research and bought blindly. The information was there, you just chose not to listen, find out, or just assumed anyways.
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