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Originally Posted by _fLaK_mOnKeY_
Our PUG(actually, two guilds collaborating)just recently defeated the second boss of ZG. First boss was a royal pita but we figured out how to down her without the bats spawning. Second boss is actually very easy with some coordinated sheeping and Curses of Doom. Both bosses we had two warlocks(including myself) mana drain them during the first phase as they heal in the second phase. Trick with the exploding bats btw is have two tanks. One tank for each rider, focus fire on the one till the message(the eyes glowing or whatever they say), PW:Shield the tank while everyone else backs off. Rinse, repeat for other rider.
The first two bosses are indeed pretty easy. For the bats, the tank doesn't even have to get hit by the kamikaze explosion, because once the message shows, the bat stays in place. Two tanks to tank each rider away from the aoe casters and each other, rogues please be smart and move
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