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Just updating the stock drivers from the Mandrake 8.2 installation. I recently tried to install the tar files from the Nvidia site, and it generated many many errors...
I haven't touched the XF86Config-4 file. Do you mind going over how to do that? Do I just open it in an editor and edit the file?

What should I edit? What values etc....

My monitor is displayed at 1024X768 85Hz 32bit mode
I just wished I could tell what driver I have installed. Also, is there an advanced properties for the Nvidia adapter like in windows?
I would like to tweak it a bit if possible.

Well I have tried both as a user and as root to run the cat /usr/proc/driver/nvidia/version
but it always generates an error. I then did a locate for the word nvidia, and it doesnt show up.
Then I manually entered the usr/proc/driver directory, and the only file in that directory is a RTC file... Is that strange? Does that mean my Nvidia driver is not installed?
Thanks for you help thus far.

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