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Cool K7N420 Bios & Drivers

Hi Feanor,

You wish is granted, in case you are not aware of it yet the following links have that which you need plus additional notes that may be of interest.

Bios update for the K7N420 version 2.7 is very good and works well with nVidia's latest drivers, find it at: K7N420 Bios ver. 2.7 from

As far as drivers go nVidia just released WHQL USD located at: nForce 2.03 WHQL drivers from .

If you happen to be running the integrated video you can also utilize the latest GeForce WHQL driver found here: Detonator 42.30 WHQL at

Something also not commonly known is that the nForce AGP chipset shares much of it's abilities across the PCI bus making the nForce platform the best multi-monitor platform we've yet tested.

In this regard it is always best to run nVidia everything if you do this. We have tested Dual Head MSI GF4 TI4200 and GF2 MX 400 PCI card for 3 displays, all worked very well.


"I do hope newer nForce drivers come out soon though. My nForce1 chipset could use some driver updates. "
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