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Default Re: NVidia should STOP supporting Linux

Originally Posted by treed
I wish nvidia would either just GPL the drivers (it's the hardware that makes them money anyway isn't it?)
It's the hardware, but hardware won't do any good without proper drivers to access it. And like already discussed, writing decent drivers takes great deal of effort in algorithm research -- very valuable knowledge. Most companies don't like sharing their secrets just like that.

Apart from that, GPLing virtually any commercial product isn't exactly straightforward; most of the time there are bits and parts from your business partner or whatever 3rd-party who is unwilling to share their itellectual property under GPL. To put it brief: even if nVidia wanted to GPL their drivers, they probably couldn't do it without lots of trouble.

or stop supporting Linux altogether so people would stop wasting time trying to get this stuff working
Excuse me, but that sounds slighty like "if I can't get it, nobody will" -attitude. I fully understand your point, but IMO giving people a chance to try the drivers won't really hurt anyone. It's not like anyone would force you to buy the hardware.

I know I'll never give nvidia another try until the driver problem is properly fixed.
It's always good to know that consumers can make difference by voting with their money.

Just my two cents.
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