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Originally posted by Unluckyalf
Afternoon all,
Im just trying to get my Geforce 256 running properly on RH8. Ive got all the files i need but i need to install the Kernel Development Package. When i run Package manager and select the Kernel Dev Package it shows up that im missing a file krb5-libs-1.2.5-6.i386.rpm . Ive found this package on the cd ok but, how do i either make the package manager look to the cd or put the package where the package manager can see it?
Copy the missing rpm file to your harddrive, in an easy to find location like your home directory. 'cd' into that directory, become root user, install the rpm, then you can remove it. It is not necessary to use the package manager for this and is not 'too' confusing once you try.

in short ( do this is a terminal )
copy file to ~ (this means your home directory)
cd ~
/bin/su -l
<enter password for root>
rpm -ivh <nameoffile>.rpm

and its installed... the package manager will show this file as being installed as soon as the database is updated, which you can force with the command:
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