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Default Recover from GLX update "bug"

I have a fresh install of RH8. I ran to determine the correct drivers. I was able to update the NVIDIA_kernel just fine. However, when I went to install NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4191 I could not find the current GLX version to rpm -e. I ran `rpm -gla | grep GLX` and found nothing. I also checked /usr/share/doc/ for the GLX docs and found nothing. I skimmed around the Gnome2 system utilities and found nothing. So, I went ahead and ran rpm -Uvh on the new NVIDIA_GLX driver without first doing the prescribed rpm -e. Well, as the README indicated, it messed everything up. I ran rpm -e on the new GLX driver I just installed and it let me startx without any perceivable problems. However, it's still not happy and when I log out of X it displays a list of errors apparently related to the now missing files. And, I'd like to make sure I have installed the latest drivers correctly.

What steps do I take to clean up the mess so I can start over? And, where did I go wrong trying to find my current version of GLX to erase first? I suspect I'm not the only one that had their impatience get the better of them.

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