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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by superklye
God, I ****ing hate Horde. This asshole was camping my corpse for almost an hour. He'd let me revive, then heal up and everything and I would continue on killing Murlocs for a quest and after a few minutes, he would show up again and kill me. He was a level 24 druid and was somehow invisible until he was right on me. God damn it, I am so angry. I needed two fins to complete a quest and I wanted to get that done before buckling down and studying for the night, but this douchelord just couldn't move on. Christ, what a pain in the ass.
Alliance people do that too. A couple of weeks ago I was doing a quest to escort an NPC and this night elf was watching me. The NPC walks through 3 hyenas and they aggro, so I start attacking them. Then the NE attacks the NPC I was escorting. I killed one hyena and trying to attack the NE but between her and the other two hyenas I didn't last long. Then she just stands there waiting for me to use my soul stone for several mins. Then some horde buddies ran near by and I asked for their help. I ressed, she attacks me again, and the two others help me kill her.

/sodomize his still twitching corpse

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