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Thanks Lte that is very interesting information.

Here is another bit of information I have just encountered :
(the description of crashing artifacts in WIndows although skimpy, sounds like what I see )

Gainward Geforce4 Ti 4200 Problem
Thursday, January 09, 2003
Posted by: Teo Katsuragi

This morning I decided to take matters a step further. I wanted to rid us of the "perhaps only some are bad", way of thinking. I used to work at a pc upgrades store, and this morning I walked into the store with a printed copy of this thread, and asked that I be allowed to take one of the staff, and 26 (the entire stock) Gainward GF4 Ti4200 64mb Ultra/650 TV Powerpacks (Golden sample version), with me for some controlled testing. After reading just 3 pages of the printed material, my ex boss agreed. So in the car went 26 cards and Alan, off to my house where my test bed machine stood.

Test Machine

Windows XP
DirectX 8.1
Drivers Supplied by the Gainward Geforce4 Ti 4200 CD
Epox 8k3a+ (it has proved to be fairly stable for me since I got it so long ago)
Athlon XP 1900+
512mb Corsair ram
400watt PSU
SoundBlaster Audigy

The testing phase

The test was to run each card once through a full bout of 3dMark3001SE, including the dreaded nature test.


8 cards made it to high polygon count + 4 lights, then PSOD (Pink Screen Of Death).
9 cards made it to nature test, then PSOD.
6 cards PSOD'd ar random points during testing.
2 cards caused BSOD's during windows boot.

One card made it through all testing without a PSOD... so out of 26 cards one made it through 3dMark2001SE. But thatís not even the worse part. After realizing this, Alan called his boss with our findings as I reboxed the cards, ready to be shipped back to Gainward. During this, I had set the one working card to loop the 33dMark demo. After packing about 15 cards, Alan drew my attention to the blank monitor. The CPU fan was notably louder, after hitting the power button on the machine and pulling out the card. I realized this card would not be PSOD'ing anymore, nor would it be working again either. One of capacitors now has a hole in the side of it.
So there you have it, 26 cards, 23 PSOD'ers 2 BSOD'ers, and 1 suicidal.

Given the blatant evidence that these cards are ALL dodgy, both myself and Alan returned to the store. As I walked in with details of my findings, I noticed a man with his son, looked around 19, stood at the counter, as me and Alan walked past carrying a piled high tower of the Gainward cards, the kid remarked, "Ah look, they have them in stock now, we wont have to come back!Ē After returning from the storeroom, I showed the kid and his dad my findings, and recommended another card. Gainward lost a sale, but at least I left the place knowing that there was one less person that would go away angry.

Since this event this morning, the 64mb Gainward Geforce4 Ti 4200 have been removed from the price list of the store, and removed from the shelves, the entire stock of 64mb cards is being sent back. Maybe if more stores do this they will have more happy customers and less angry ones.

AMDMBís Forums have been the primary contributor to the information regarding the Gainward Geforce4 Ti 4200 issue. The great people on their forum are one of the first to isolate this problem and have been attempting to take action on it. You can read the full 43 page post here on their forums

-Teo Katsuragi

We just received an email from Gainward and they are preparing an official statement. According to our PR contact, "Gainward will take care of our customers. This situation is NOT taken lightly by Gainward." We will keep you updated as this story develops.

It looks as if this problem does not include all Gainward Geforce4 Ti 4200ís. We have reports of a few isolated incidents of people having a Gainward Geforce4 Ti 4200 and it functioning perfectly normal. Except most of those people also say that overclocking the card any whatsoever will induce crashes, PSOD, and the dreaded checkerboard screen.

Here is a photo of a defective card, and here is a photo of a card that has been "working flawlessly, 3DMark was complete a billion times at default speeds and at 300/600 overclocked." The problem seems to be the capacitors in the top right corner of the card.

If you do believe your card is defective then you can contact Gainward's RMA dept. The phone number for the RMA department is 800-539-2273. Once you have done that, Gainward will give you a UPS call tag and UPS will come and pick up your video card. Gainward is taking full responsibility and even paying for the shipping.

[b]Bwkaz: the values on the top of the capacitor location you gave are (on this sorry piece of **** Gainward ti4200) as follows:
2 5
2 5 A

I suppose there must be decimal points where I put spaces.

another forum where Gainward Ti4200 is under discussion and criticism for being a fudge up card:

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