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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by alucard_x
anyone have guild war crashing problems with a DFI Infinity Nforce2 board?

i just started a new char tonite, haven't played for 1.5 months.. also haven't played since i put this new mobo in (dfi).. needless to say i'm getting random crashing now which i have never gotten before in GW (already played through all PVE once). all my other games i play on this machine are stable. also tried rolling back to 77.76 drivers which worked last time i played the game.. to no avail.

6800nu not oc, 2500-m 200x12 1.825v, corsiar default timings 2.8v dimm, dfi infinity

I used to have game crashes ,fixed it but not sure which was.. either a new PSU or the new DDR memory. the game is very solid in stability ,never saw a single crash after that.. i could leave my PC up to 24 hours connected to the game and the game will still continue without problems.
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