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Default system gets stuck with 5500FX

1. yeah, I know my english suck.

2. the system in question -
866 MHZ P3, via vt82c693a apollo pro 133 , Gigabyte 5500 256 MB.

basicly, every time I activate any 3d app/game - my system freezes, and I hear this annoyning beep sound from my speakers. Iv'e tried the usual stuff, change drivers (61.14, 66.something, and the latest), activate the computer without the sound card, without the network etc... guess what, still freezes.

now, here is the part where it gets weird. with my good ole' card - RIVA TNT2 M64 - I had the same problem. although it happend far less frequent. about once a week or so. enough? hardly. it happens\happend also on my gentoo linux. tell you the truth, it dosen't bother me since I don't play any games on linux, but it just fu***** weird.

I guess it's not an os problem, since the linux is also affected. I'm afraid it's an agp compatibility problem. I have an AGP2x bus. but (1) the riva tnt had the same issue. (2) my friend has the same motherboard, and also has a 5500FX, although by INNO3d (yuck!), and it's doing a steller job at his computer.

so, any ideas? is it really an agp problem? if not, what could it be?

Please HELP ME! I have 6 days untill I can't replace the card anymore.

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