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Exclamation Re: 1.0-7676 for FreeBSD i386 released

Is there a plan / roadmap for a FreeBSD amd64 nvidia driver ?
Thanx !

I think we really need this driver !
I don't figure out what is "complicated" in making a driver for amd64 since loadable kernel module function is working and you already made one for i386

Anyway just think that you'll be god for a lot of users and also that x86_64 platform are not obsolet but future one so you won't have to do it later, and take all freeBSD market in one driver !! ( ATI, what a laugh, windows driver don't even work )
So please help us ! FreeBSD in 64bit is really impressive !
Much secure and faster than any 64bit linux distro I've tried and ther is lot of multimedia softwares in it that needed 3D acceleration !

last edit : take a look here
and see the proportion of people having an AMD 64bit processor ( and that's just for France ! and not all guys voted ! )
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