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Default Re: Crazy green underlined words

I don't mind ads, it's only annoying when they interfere with what you are trying to accomplish. E.g. popups are terrible. I adblock the pricegrabber thing because it makes the pages here load extremely slowly...otherwise I would just leave it there and not even bother.

This on the other hand is a bit doesn't exactly get in the way, but it alters the feel of every message that somebody posts. Namely, it kinda reminds me of the old usenet days when you had to put up with every other post being a spam post. Or worse when some people put those stupid "free ipod" links in their signatures (god I hate that.) This whole linking thing just feels too similar to that.

EDIT: Wait, I know what it's even more comparable to. Those stupid little banner ads where they shift each frame in the banner by one pixel to the left, right, up, down, etc and make it have a bunch of flashy colors almost like it is just begging for you to look at it. Everytime I see those, I always get distracted when I am trying to read any text near them (thank god for the "nuke anything" extension, or else sometimes I wouldn't be able to read and fully comprehend some things on the net.) It would like a neighbor having a garage sale and then blaring a bunch of air hornes as loud as he can so that he can get all of the neighbors attention so that he can bring them outside to gawk at his stuff.
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