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Ok, here are some Quake3 screenshots with r_colormiplevels 1. All screenshots have 2x FSAA enabled. I'm not sure why the shots turned out so dark, maybe it had something to do with print screen.

Application 0xAF
Application 2xAF
Application 4xAF
Application 8xAF
Balanced 0xAF
Balanced 2xAF
Balanced 4xAF
Balanced 8xAF
Balanced 0xAF+TS
Balanced 2xAF+TS
Balanced 4xAF+TS
Balanced 8xAF+TS

edit: As is clearly seen, 0x+TS is not the same as normal 2xAF. 2xAF is better.

Screenshots to come later at 4x FSAA, and maybe some shots from either U2 or UT2003, although since I don't know if you can view colored mipmaps in those games it will be harder to discern IQ.
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