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Cool Mandrake 9.0 Download Edition + Asus GeForce4 TI4200

he guys

i've got the biggest problem ever ;D

so ... have a look with me:

i'm using mandrake 9 (joke *hehe*), which i've dowloaded from the mandrake site ... per ftp
good ... In the end of the installtion i was able to choose my display driver ...
but ... the only one which i was able to use was ta
>Geforce (fbdev)<

so ... i think this is right ~ but i'm using the asus geforce 4 ti4200 ~ and i'm not able to use the geforce4 (generic)-driver ...

so i've downloaded da kernel and da glx rpm's ~


save is save ~ cuz i've downloaded all kernel rpm's ... my first problem is, i don't know which rpm i should use ...

i've got da download edition *ggg


i've installed the kernel in x, and then quit da x-window, and joined into the console ...

then i've installed da glx-rpm ... and when i wanted to restart X, i've got the an error-message, that GLX wasn't able to load ... **** ... DAMN ...

so ... i don't know if somebody can help me ... but it would be cool ;D

zorry guys if this question was answered in a later post ... but ... i don't want to read 10 pages (hehe)

.: chrism :.
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