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Default FX 5200 DVI Problem

Hey everyone.

I have a 128Mb geForce FX 5200 with only the analog output and the DVI output, and no TV out put. I have two monitors, one on each connector and was trying to get my desktop stretched across both monitors. The problem is that when i connect both monitors the same image is displayed on both screens, instead of having one wide desktop across 2 screens.

when i go into the geforce utilities thingo, and go to display settings i can only select a dual display mode with one monitor anolog and the other a tv display. it doesn't seem to realise that i only have a dvi out put, so it thinks the dvi is the same as the analog.

can anyone help me with this? it seems like a driver issue, coz the hardware should obviously be able to support it, it just thinks i have tv output instead.

Thanks a lot.
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