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Default changing display resolution to 1600x1200 on Solaris x86 Ultra20

I just got a 21" View Sonic VP211b monitor to use with my Ultra 20 running Solaris x86 with NVS 280 graphics card. The native resolution of the monitor is 1600x1200 but the system booted with 1280x1024, which looks really ugly. I thought that I could change it using the "Preferences" > "Desktop Preferences" > "Display" > "Screen Resolution" under Java Desktop but I don't see any 1600x1200 option there.

What do I need to do to get 1600x1200? Also, what do I do to get dual display mode working with a 1280x1024 or a 1600x1200 2nd monitor?

Thanks and Best Regards!!

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