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Originally posted by LaoTzuTao
I had the same problem...basically the rpms they provide, for some odd reason, never work...the only way I got them to work was to use the *src.rpms. I'm not sure how new you are to linux, I was very new when I first tried to get these drivers to work...but it was quite a pain until i realized the rpms just didn't work. If you understand how to install a src.rpm file, you should be all set...if not, post back and I can try to help...good luck!
extracted the sources into my local directory with
rpm -ivh -root /root/src
then I compiled them and this seems ok because I get the nvidia.o file in /lib/modules/[kernel]/video
The problem still persists though. Using 3Ddiag gives the same result, using sax still doesn't allow me to select any resolution beyond 1280. I think that one problem seems to be that 3dinfo always thinks my card is a Bladerunner GTS.
I'm not really familiar with rpms so I might have done something worng, but I wouldn't know what that could be. I would be very gratefull for some instructions on how to set this up.
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