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Default 7667 issues; black screen/ X windows crashing

Ok; I've been having trouble installing the 7667 driver. I have been trying to follow the guide over here. They were unable to help over on the Ubuntu forums.

So, here I am. I'm running Ubuntu 5.04 and can't seem to get the nvidia 7667 driver to work. Anyway, I had first installed the 7676 driver, which didn't work (when the xorg.conf file was edited (the 'driver' line was what did it), the system would lock up when loading Gnome (black screen; no view of splash screen)). When I edited the driver line back to 'nv', I could then boot up the GUI normally, but no 3d support (3d screensavers would not work). Before it all, the 3d would work, but painfully slow.

I have since tried the 7667 driver, but it did the exact same thing... I tried it several times, following the guide best I knew how.

This last time I tried it, it still locks up on startup with the 'driver "nvidia"' in xorg.conf. When that is changed back to "nv" (to try to get it to boot at all), it crashes with an error (which I will post the .log).

I'm a newb to Linux (although not new to computers at all), so... I'm not sure if something I did is preventing this from working or what. The Linux install is very new, and I can reformat it if I need to; I haven't installed anything important there.

Umm... I'll boot up again and, after I get the error and it shunts me back to console, I'll get the nvidia bug log and post it here.

I'll also post my xorg.conf file... just to clarify, that copy is the one directly after the install (where it would do the black screen). The error screen is when I tried to get the GUI to at least boot (as it would before) by changing the line back to 'driver "nv"'.

oh, and my system,
AMD 64bit 3300+
512 mem
40 gig SATA hd (20g for Linux)
GeForce FX 5200

I probably won't get the nvidia bug report posted before I have to goto class... I should have it posted in a couple hours.

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